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FAQ & Jewelry Care

What is EFIE?


We are a national brand specializing in the manufacture and sale of handcrafted jewelry with personalized motifs. We work with high-quality materials and ensure that we provide you with the best possible experience during the creation process of your product.


How long does it take to make a custom order?


The development time for a custom order is 5 to 15 business days, depending on the complexity of the design and the current order volume. In some cases, it may take less time depending on the number of orders we have received in a given week or month.

What are your business hours?

Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM, subject to workload availability.


What materials do you use?

Our jewelry is 100% handcrafted, and all metals are processed from the casting stage, so they do not contain nickel, zinc, or tin. These metals can cause allergic reactions in some people.

The types of metals we commonly work with are:    

- Sterling silver (925)

- 750 yellow, yellow Italian, rose, white, and green gold

- 950 Palladium

- 950 Platinum


If you have a metal allergy or have experienced tarnishing of silver jewelry in the past, please let us know before we start making your piece.


I would like a particular design.... What should I do?

First, tell us what you have in mind.

The goal of custom designs is for you to actively participate in the design process so that we can create a unique piece that fits your taste and budget. It is recommended that you have an idea, perhaps photographs, or even simple sketches, verbal or written.


I would like to see my order before it is finished. Do you share photos of the process?

While we do share updates on the progress of your jewelry during the creation process, we reserve the right not to send photos of the work in progress. This is because we often work on multiple orders simultaneously, and sharing photos could compromise the security of the jewelry and the artisan working on it. Our workshop contains fire, acids, and other chemicals that could cause serious accidents if not handled with care.

Since you have entrusted us with creating something meaningful for you, it is important that you trust us and our process, which we approach with great love and dedication.

Photos will be sent once your jewelry is complete.

How to Care for Your Silver Jewelry…


At EFIE, we work with high-quality 925 silver jewelry.

It is important to understand that tarnishing (also known as oxidation) is the result of oxygen or sulfur coming into contact with silver. Keep in mind that silver without its shine is more opaque and sometimes dark or yellow in color. On the other hand, it is important to note that some of our products intentionally have a very particular finish, such as aging, to highlight certain details of a piece of jewelry.

Therefore, and in order to preserve silver jewelry in perfect condition, we offer the following considerations:

Why do silver jewels lose their shine?


To provide a clear answer, we must first understand that 925 sterling silver is a metal composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. In the case of 950 sterling silver, it is a metal composed of 95% pure silver and 5% copper. This composition makes 925 and 950 sterling silver very popular due to their affordability and malleability. However, these metals tarnish (become dirty) or lose their shine quickly due to improper care or excessive exposure to chemicals such as sweat, cosmetics, perfumes, and dishwashing liquids containing chlorine, the latter of which darkens silver considerably.

My jewelry turned black: How do I clean it?

If you have a silver piece that has darkened, appears dirty (black) or yellow, don't despair: this is common and actually means that your silver jewelry has tarnished. It is completely normal for silver to undergo changes in its coloration or shine. The most common loss of shine is the result of a chemical reaction with oxygen or sulfur particles in the air. However, there are certain activities that can cause your jewelry to lose its shine quickly. Not all pH levels react positively with silver, as some pH levels are acidic and cause tarnishing and accelerate the oxidation process of the jewelry (silver). We suggest removing your silver jewelry before doing any of the following activities: exercising, swimming, showering, cleaning the house, sunbathing, applying hair products, using creams and makeup.

We suggest cleaning your jewelry frequently to maintain its shine and beauty, using only the following silver jewelry cleaners: polishing cloth (cotton, flannel or fleece), polishing powder, jewelry cleaning liquid.

When cleaning your jewelry, be sure to do the following: 

  • Use a special non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratches. 
  • Avoid areas that are intentionally oxidized or aged as part of the design. 
  • Do not rub in a circular pattern: follow the pattern of the silver's design or polish.


How to Store Your Silver Jewelry?

Oxygen and humidity in the air will cause your silver jewelry to lose its shine, so it is important to store it properly to minimize the oxidation process. Here are some storage tips:

  1. Store jewelry in a low-humidity area. This could be a jewelry box, a drawer, or even a sealed container.
  2. Keep each piece in an airtight bag. Zip-lock bags are a good option.
  3. Place a silica packet or chalk in the storage bag. These will absorb moisture and help to prevent tarnish.
  4. Do not leave silver jewelry directly on wood. Wood often contains acids that can affect the surface of the silver.


How to Care for Your Gold Jewelry:

Gold is a precious metal with special properties that make it resistant to oxidation and very hard, making it less susceptible to scratches. This incorruptibility has associated it with eternity since ancient times and reserved it for rites and gods. Gold is a pure metal that is always used mixed with other metals to improve its mechanical properties. Depending on the metals involved in the alloy and their proportion, we obtain the different types of gold used in jewelry:

Gold 999 (24k): This is gold in its pure state, also called fine gold. It is not used as is in jewelry because it is too soft, but rather as a base for generating the different types of gold.

Gold 750 (18k): This gold contains 75% fine gold and 25% alloy (depending on the desired hue, it may contain silver, copper, palladium...).

By color:

Yellow gold (18k): Contains 75% fine gold and 25% silver and copper in equal parts.

Rose gold (18k): Also contains 75% pure gold mixed with silver and copper, but with a higher proportion of copper than silver.

White gold (18k): This gold, however, contains 75% fine gold and palladium.


How to Care for White Gold Jewelry:

The only type of gold that requires special care is white gold. This metal contains 25% palladium in its alloy, which, when mixed with 75% fine (yellow) gold, whitens the mixture, but not enough. The resulting color of this alloy is grayish.

To achieve the white tone (in which diamonds shine beautifully as if set in platinum), a rhodium plating is applied. This plating, being a superficial layer, eventually wears off and the jewel must be re-plated. The duration of the plating depends greatly on the pH and the habits of the wearer (whether or not they remove it to sleep, swim, use hand creams...).

What are the payment methods?


You can pay for your entire order in the following ways:

*Bank transfer: Using this method, order processing will not be immediate, as it will take 1 to 4 business days for the payment to appear on your bank statement. The transfer details will be sent in the order confirmation email after completing the payment step. The transfer must be made within 24 hours of placing the order; after this time, the availability of the selected items is not guaranteed. It is recommended to include the order number in the transfer description to facilitate the correct identification of the payment.

*PayPal: Secure and immediate transaction.

*Credit card: Secure and immediate transaction.

In the case of payment by credit card, all financial data will not be visible to Efie paw. They will only be sent to the bank providing the payment system, using an encrypted protocol, without third parties being able to access them in any way.

*Satispay: (Italy, Luxembourg, France and Germany)

For custom orders, we will provide you with a payment link through our website  https://efiepaw.etsy.com, which allows you to pay with debit/credit card (depending on the country), PayPal, and other options depending on the country of origin of the payment.

All shipments are made from the Commune of Saluzzo,  Cuneo Region, Italy.

 Shipping prices depend on whether they are local (Italy), within the European Union, or international (outside the EU).

You can find all the information about shipping and returns here.

Any customs expenses are the responsibility of the buyer.

It is important to note that customs controls and local restrictions (of each country) may affect product delivery times, as well as holiday periods, where sometimes delivery takes longer.

Your order includes gift wrapping. 

If you need a personalized message, send us a message and we will help you.

You may exercise the right of withdrawal within 7 days of receipt of the product if the goods received differ substantially from those advertised on our website or our social channels.

Custom-made items are not subject to the right of withdrawal according to Article 59 of the Consumer Code (Italy, EU): "The right of withdrawal provided for in Articles 52 to 58 for distance contracts and off-premises contracts shall not apply to:


  1. c) the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized;"

Sale items are not subject to the right of withdrawal.


Conditions for Correctly Exercising the Right of Withdrawal:

  • Request for Return: The return request must be communicated by email to ciao@efiepawjewelry.com
  • Product Condition: The product must be unused and returned in its original packaging, which is considered an integral part of the product. The packaging must not be damaged, altered, or used as the only external packaging. By original packaging, we mean the complete packaging.
  • Shipping Costs: Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

If the item is damaged due to improper use, a refund will not be issued. If all the required conditions are met, Efie Paw Jewelry will issue a voucher equivalent to the amount paid for the purchased jewel.

Efie Paw Jewelry will not accept the return of goods if it does not comply with all the terms and conditions mentioned above. In such cases, the goods will be returned to the sender at the original shipping address, and the shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

As Efie Paw, we reserve the right to reject any customization project if it is not feasible (too small, too complex). This happens about 1 in 10 cases. Since our processes are 100% manual, without industrial intervention, sometimes it is difficult to achieve the expected optimal finish.

It is important to us that you trust our professionalism to create a unique, beautiful, and lasting piece of jewelry.


It is important to be in agreement with the information to carry out the work without major inconveniences.

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