Efie paw jewelry

About us

After completing a short jewelry making course and having no idea what to do...

One day, sitting in the kitchen that served as my "laboratory," I was reviewing and saving the projects I had made during the jewelry making course. My little dog Canela, a fiery sausage dog with beautiful almond eyes outlined in brown, approached with her characteristic way of walking, sat down by my side and I asked her (expecting an answer, of course): "Canela, what do we do now?" Without hesitating, she stood up on her paws, leaning against my leg, and licked my hand. My interpretation of her gesture: "everything will be fine".

I rolled out some metal, drew the outline of a dachshund and started to complete a piece of jewelry, without many details, just the outline of the one who at that moment told me "everything will be fine".

Efie is born from Canela, my furry wiener dog, who has been my companion, the sun that has illuminated my path.

Since then, I have dedicated myself to transforming metal into a ray of love, full of feelings and memories of our animals. The years and the trust of those who have chosen our work have allowed each simple jewelry design to become a personalization of their lives, their desires, their memories, transforming each creation into a unique piece that transcends and evolves throughout life.

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